The strange jobs that Gerard Piqué had before becoming a soccer star

The Catalan dedicated almost his entire life to the sport that gave him a career, however, for a particular pleasure, for a time he explored new areas.

Thinking about Gerard Piqué in any field other than football would be very difficult since his career began when he was very young, and from then until his recent retirement from the Barcelona club, he continued working on the playing fields.

However, in a recent interview with the streamer and personal friend of his, Ibai Llanos, new information came to light that left everyone surprised, not so much because of his work, but because of the reason that led him to do it.

His first professional contract as a footballer was with Manchester United in the 2004/05 season, which signed him from FC Barcelona Juvenil A. After that, he was loaned to Real Zaragoza, which marked his return to Spain and where his forays took place. labor.

At that time, the world champion was not as well off financially as he is today, although he was a member of a Spanish league club and his taste for nightlife forced him to take on some extra jobs.

According to what he told Ibai Llanos, he had to work as a DJ and waiter to meet his tastes. “When I played in Zaragoza there was a hidden place, a small bar, there in the corner, no one saw you. It was called ‘El busón’, I don’t know if it still exists. Wow! You don’t know what it was. He was a DJ and everything,” explained the Catalan.

Faced with this revelation, the YouTuber asked him if he was also the owner of the place or what kind of responsibilities he carried out there and Gerard Piqué chose not to go into such depth.

“He was an owner from behind. Not the one who showed his face, you know? He was not the front man. He was another. I was behind. He served drinks… he did everything there. But well, also, that is, well, controlling. Zaragoza is Zaragoza, man. First experiences, little things,” explained Shakira’s ex-husband.