The surprising warning that Steven Spielberg made Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas revealed that the director of the Indiana Jones saga warned him that a big change was coming in the film industry.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of The Mask of Zorro (The Mask of Zorro), Antonio Banderas brought to light an anecdote that involves him together with the famous director Steven Spielberg.

In 1998, the mythical hero created by Johnston McCulley made the leap to the big screen. The film featured Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) directing and Spielberg producing. In the cast, in addition to Banderas, appear, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stuart Wilson, and Matt Letscher, among others. The Mask of Zorro was a success, not only at the reception level but also at the box office, since it raised more than 250 million dollars.

On the occasion of the new anniversary of the film, Banderas was interviewed by Yahoo Entertainment. The iconic Spanish actor talked about El Zorro and told some hidden details. According to Antonio, the director of E.T., who was always present during filming, gave him an interesting warning about the future of the industry and the use of CGI.

“Steven Spielberg told me once when we were shooting, ‘This is probably going to be one of the last Westerns shot the way Westerns were shot in the old days, with real scenes with real horses, with real sword fights, no CGI. ‘. Everything was practical,” Antonio recalled.

According to Banderas, Spielberg told him that even though the switch to CGI would be quick, he had to be proud of Zorro. “I’m proud. Probably more so now than at the time he was doing it. I don’t know if he was conscious when he was with “El ‘Zorro”. The impact he has had, especially after 25 years. It was a very nice adventure movie with a lot of ingredients that made it shine in a very nice way. I have nothing but good memories”, added the Spaniard.

Steven’s words were not in vain, the cinema was changing. The CGI became a fundamental part, leaving aside the practical effects. Currently, few films and artists resort to the old school for their films.

As for the existence of a third installment of El Zorro, Antonio does not lose faith that it could happen. He would like to be the one to pass the torch to a new generation, the same way it happened in the first movie when Hopkins’ Diego de la Vega coaches Banderas’ Alejandro Murrieta.