The terrible scene that almost cost Isla Fisher her life

Isla Fisher lived a difficult time while she was filming a very famous movie, to the point that she almost drowned.

Isla Fisher achieved several successes throughout her career. The actress was part of films that were a success at the box office, and that became viewers’ favorites.

As happens with all performers, she sometimes had to face characters that were more challenging than others. The same goes for the scenes, some were stronger and more complicated to carry out.

Mainly a scene that she recorded in the movie Now You See Me, known in Latin America as Los Ilusionistas, where she almost drowned. Yes, just as you read! The actress herself recounted this bad moment that she had to live through.

The Isla Fisher scene that was complicated in Now you see me
Now You See Me featured several surprising scenes that fascinated the viewers. However, the most spectacular moment of the film was starring actress Isla Fisher.

At one point in the story, the performer enters a water tank and is chained to perform a magic trick. During the scene, the audience begins to see how her character begins to hit the glass where she is locked and screams in great fear.

Although everyone believed that this moment had been scripted, the truth is that the actress’s reaction was real: she was afraid for her life! According to what she stated in an interview, at the time of the recording she was really drowning.

The scene was suffering from a technical glitch, and the actress was becoming desperate while she was filming it. The worst thing about all this is that only she was aware of what was happening, while the rest believed that she was acting. “My chain got stuck, I had to swim to the bottom and I couldn’t free myself,” Isla Fisher began by saying. “It was horrible, everyone thought she was acting fabulous…no one realized I was actually fighting for my life,” she added.

The scene was recorded for a total of three minutes until someone finally realized that the actress was about to collapse. As everyone panicked, they quickly pressed the safety button which released her from the mechanism.