The turbulent relationship between Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

The couple had a romance that ended in violence, this is how the relationship was

Emma Roberts has been related to big Hollywood stars, however, not all of them have been good because she lived a difficult relationship in which not only did they have the typical couple arguments, but it was even claimed that there was physical violence. And her romance with fellow actor Evan Peters had more downs than ups and ended in a huge sca**al.

It all started in 2012, after they both worked on the movie Adult Word, at that time he was 25 and she was 21 years old. They both felt the attraction immediately and by the time they finished recording, they made their romance official.

During the following year, they both lived great moments between red carpets and trips, the fans of both actors were delighted with the relationship, but everything ended in July 2013 when they began to have problems. The actress was arrested for domestic violence after they had a fight at her hotel in Montreal. In that fight, police found Peters with a bloody nose and bite marks, which had apparently been caused by her.

Contrary to what many thought, the couple managed to overcome that episode, and months later he asked her to marry him. In June 2015 they broke up only to get back together in May 2016. Everything seemed perfect until March 2019 when it was reported that she was dating another actor.

The truth is that the relationship was always surrounded by sca**als that ensured that things were very difficult between them. Fortunately, they managed to get out of it.