The unfortunate romantic experiences of the main characters in ‘Friends’

17 years after the end of the series, five of the six actors are divorced. Only Lisa Kudrow found married happiness

17 years ago the last chapter of the comedy Friends was broadcast, which came to captivate millions of people around the world for 10 long years with the funny stories of six inseparable friends: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey.

The unfortunate romantic experiences of the main characters in 'Friends'

The unfortunate romantic experiences of the main characters in ‘Friends’
The fans of the successful production were always aware of the love life of Jennifer Aniston, Mathew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt Le Blanc, and Lisa Kudrow, who gave life to the famous characters of the sitcom, which ended in 2004 with a last episode titled “The Last One,” which drew an audience of 52.5 million people when it first aired in the United States and ranked as the fourth most-watched series finale in American television history.

A few hours after the long-awaited television meeting, the actors spoke with the magazine and revealed that one of the romances that were seen in fiction would have transcended the screen.

When asked about who was flirting behind the scenes, the actors agreed: Aniston and Schwimmer. Cox even assured that the affair would have been when the recordings began, in the mid-90s. But, about to elaborate on the matter, Schwimmer interrupted: “Anyway, the next question.” An attitude that Aniston replied. “Next question,” he narrowed.

Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay in the comedy, is the one who managed to maintain a long relationship of 26 years with the French publicist Michel Stern, whom she married in 1995. The actress met her husband in the late 1980s when he was dating a friend of hers.

Stern had just arrived in the US from France, his home country, and didn’t know many people. One day when he went to look for her roommate, the actress opened the door and they were immediately attracted, but everything stopped there. “I lived with a French girl, and he had just moved here. They were dating when I met him. I’m extremely polite, so when I saw him, I thought, ‘Well, he’s the perfect guy and there’s nothing I can do about it because they’re together. I thought it was not okay to flirt. But the moment I saw him, I thought: “Well, that’s it, it’s him,” said the artist.

Six years later, they met again at a birthday party, and have been together ever since. They are the parents of Julian, 23, and live together in Beverly Hills.

The unfortunate romantic experiences of the main characters in 'Friends'

In 2014, she shared some marriage advice with Glamor magazine. “When [Michel and I] decided to get married, we understood it: we don’t promise to love each other forever, because you can’t do that, but we promise to work on any problem that arises,” the star explained. “We are committed to the work of our marriage.”

She was pregnant with Julian while filming the fourth season of Friends, and her pregnancy was part of the story. The actress’s son grew up between cameras and film sets, which is why he inherited his mother’s passion for the world of acting and has graduated from the School of Cinematographic Arts at the University of California.

In one of her last television appearances, Kudrow shared a funny anecdote about her son. Julian during the first years of her life often went to visit her on the set of filming and used to confuse her mother with Jennifer Aniston. “I was really obsessed with Jen,” he told host Conan O’Brien. “Every time he saw her, he rushed to hug her,” said the actress, who has shared many hours of recording with her partner who played Rachel Green on the American sitcom.

Such was the obsession that her son had with Aniston that it reached the point that the child believed that Aniston was, in fact, her mother. “We’d turn on the TV, and if she came on the screen, Julian would yell, ‘Mommy!

During the program, Kudrow also spoke about the long-awaited meeting of the protagonists of the series and said that her son supported her in the recording of Friends: The Reunion. “He was able to come to the meeting…and then he came up to me and said, ‘Can I just say I’m really proud of you?'” the actress shared. “That was one of the most emotional things that happened to me,” added Kudrow, who has always stated that her son has never been a big fan of the comedy that brought her mother to fame.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is one of the most desired women in Hollywood. She was a couple with American musician Adam Duritz (Courteney Cox’s ex-boyfriend), Tate Donovan, Vince Vaughn, and John Mayer. The film and television star was married twice and had no children.

Brad Pitt and Aniston met in 1998 and dated for nearly two years before tying the knot in a ceremony in Los Angeles. However, by 2005, the marriage broke up after Pitt fell in love with Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The only time Pitt and Aniston shared a screen was in 2001 when they were still married. The actor participated in a remembered episode of Friends.

Aniston married actor Justin Theroux for the second time in 2015, after three years of relationship. A year later, in February 2016, they announced their separation. A few months later, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, citing “irreconcilable differences”; a judicial battle that has not yet concluded and that has intensified in recent years with crossed accusations on both sides.

Pitt and Aniston have rebuilt their friendship over the years. A little over a year ago, the former couple held a meeting via Zoom that drove the couple’s fans crazy.

In a recent interview, Aniston named Pitt as one of her favorite Friends guest stars.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Jennifer and her Friends co-star Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were asked which of her favorite guest stars were on over the years on the show. The actresses named many of the famous faces that have appeared over the years, including Reese Witherspoon, Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Paul Rudd, and more.