These A-List Actors Took Hefty Pay Cuts to Play Iconic Roles – Trending LOL

There are many reasons why actors choose to take a film role. Sometimes it’s about the money and sometimes it’s about traveling to a wish-list location. Other times it’s about the opportunity to make their mark or work with their favorite director. Some very well-known actors have chosen opportunity and desire over fortune, and for some, that salary sacrifice led to Oscar nods. These actor pay cuts prove that sometimes it really is more about the art than the money.

Which stars took thousands, as opposed to millions, to play iconic roles? You will be surprised to learn who they are, and the hefty pay cuts they took for substance rather than sustenance.

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Chris Evans in ‘Captain America’

Chris Evans got the short end of the shield for his iconic starring solo role as Captain America. It was a very un-American wage by Hollywood standards, as he earned just $300,000. He was one of the least compensated superheroes in the Marvel Universe, not to mention the Avengers family. for The Avengers he got into the million dollar club, earning between $2 and $3 million. Still, he must’ve been stung by Scarlett Johansson, who earned between $4 and $6 million as Black Widow. Nothing will ever come close to Robert Downey Jr.’s amount: He made upwards of $50 million in the same film. Did he get $25 million for Tony Stark and another $25 million for Iron Man?