These are the trends that Dua Lipa wore for her birthday celebrations

This Tuesday, August 22, Dua Lipa turned 28 and decided to celebrate several times since last weekend. During those occasions, the singer opted for multiple trends that you should know about before the end of 2023.

At only 28 years old, Dua Lipa is already an established artist worldwide and she conquers the public with her most danceable hits. In addition, her style is not something to ignore since the singer tries to bring the most viral trends to her taste and personality.

This Tuesday, the celebrity celebrated her new birthday on the beach, with her boyfriend and her friends, where she showed off a mega-daring look. In the previous days, Dua Lipa also proposed other outfits defined by different trends that have marked this year.

On Monday night, the singer wore one of her most daring outfits of 2023. With a clear inspiration in the two-mile style, Dua Lipa posed with tailored mauve pants, which had shiny appliqués, along with a printed bralette, a micro Red sheer crop top, a silver bag, XXL red glasses, and many accessories.

We can say that everything the celebrity wears is and will be a trend. From its appliqué pants to the bralette and maxi accessories, each item has its place in fashion from now until the end of the year. Although the star opted for everything in the same look, you can choose one or two pieces that are the protagonists of an outfit.

Something equally sensual but more discreet was this style that Dua Lipa opted for when she arrived in Ibiza. The model defended transparencies with a light blue minidress, with a closed neckline and long sleeves, which she combined with high silver platforms, sunglasses, a pastel pink bag, and accessories such as rings, bracelets, and earrings.

The artist stated that transparency is worn with a lot of attitudes and in a total way. Whether in a dress, blouse, pants, or whatever garment you want, this trend continues to mark its place in 2023. Also don’t forget these mega-platforms, Bratz style, which are already on their way to becoming viral.

Before the arrival of her official birthday, Dua Lipa enjoyed dinner with her partner, on the seashore. Of course, if we talk about the beach and trends, crochet cannot be missing, and that was the singer’s decision for her look. She opted for a total white crochet set, with a tight miniskirt and a straight-neck bralette. With her long straight hair and subtle accessories, the Englishwoman once again imposed a trend that was all the rage in the most romantic and minimalist side of her.

It is a fact that Dua Lipa is one of the celebrities most attached to the world of fashion and with a style that only a few know how to wear. Pointing to basics or trends, the singer boasts of her good taste and teaches the best keys to show off these trendy garments.