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These parents locked a 2-year-old boy outside in the freezing cold

These parents locked a two-year-old boy outside in the freezing cold, but the next day his nightmare came true. There are many consequences if someone is trapped outside in the cold, from hypothermia, pneumonia or even a simple cold which can make for some not so pleasant days. All these scenarios increase their danger in the case of a defenseless child, since it is no secret that being in the process of development, the different organs are much more sensitive than those of a person in his or her 20s. For this reason, we must be very cautious when exposing them to climates where it is too hot or, on the contrary, too cold. Many will wonder why this specific mention, as reported by a local media outlet, a woman named tierra williams, 23, left her baby in the care of her boyfriend and father of the baby darius parker.

This was because she had to run a couple of errands, or at least that was the explanation she gave to darius and added that she would be back later when she was done with all her commitments. Although a few years ago, the idea of a mother going somewhere without taking her baby with her was unthinkable. Nowadays, it is normal for women to leave their young children with their partner if they need to do something urgent. After all, it was the winter season and the little one was only two years old, so he was more prone to catching a cold and leaving him in a nursery. Didn’T sound like a good idea.

Taking all these factors into account, the mother thought that she was making the best decision. However, she apparently did not realize at the time that darius had been awake most of the night and was not in the condition necessary to care for such a young child. Who requires absolute attention? The reason why he had been awake all night was that he had been recording music, as that is what he did for a living with father and son alone. Somehow the child was able to crawl to the front door of the house.

After a moment he emerged from the home and onto the front porch darius was so exhausted. He had forgotten the fact that it was winter and the temperatures were deathly cold. Such was his degree of sleepiness and unconsciousness that he locked the door and went to sleep without realizing that the little boy was still outside exposed to the weather. This gross carelessness on the part of the father easily reveals two factors that are worth analyzing. The first is that the children were not part of darius’s routine, for if this were so, he would not have overlooked the fact that the child was not inside the house.

Furthermore, darius himself was most likely unaware of how exhausted he was and if he did know it was an act of gross irresponsibility to commit to caring for the child, since it is always convenient to stay awake and active in the company of them. In order to keep up with them, sadly, the baby’s body didn’t stand a chance against a strong winter breeze that whipped through the city all day, so he froze badly. He spent a total of two hours outside, while his mother and four-year-old brother ran errants when they arrived to pick him up. The young mother’s whole life flashed before her eyes, as she saw the little boy outside and quickly set out to call 9-1-1. She was shaking, as she told the person on the line that the child was frozen some time after the incident unfolded, police knocked on the young, couple’s door and charges were filed for leaving their child outside unsupervised.

According to the prosecutor handling the case, both tierra and darius pleaded guilty in november to child endangerment. The precautionary mechanisms to be taken, while you have children or are going to take care of a child, can never be too many. It is a big mistake to underestimate the motor skills or understanding that they may possess, since curiosity, for them is the best incentive that can exist. That is why, when parents or teachers want to teach them something new, they try to do it by means of elements that attract attention and awaken the children’s interest. Since this way it is easier for them to be attentive to what they want to be taught for a two-year-old baby snow will undoubtedly represent an attraction that is impossible to ignore, and if they are warned about the danger it may entail children of this age do Not have the necessary awareness to know how to avoid the danger upon learning of this.

The defendant’s mother, angela williams, was outraged and begged the judge for leniency. She further claimed that tierra was a good mother, that she had made a bad decision and that she suffered greatly for her and after analysis, the judge granted unconditional release to his daughter. In fact, he was quite lenient, as it should be noted that the charge of child endangerment carries a penalty of up to three years in imprisonment. The judge explained that he spent a lot of time trying to figure out who was at fault in this case, and while many who jumped to conclusions might point out that the fault lies with the father, since the child was in his care. The reality is that since the mother spent the most time living with him, she had to make sure that the person was fully fit to take responsibility for the baby.

In the end, the judge held both tierra and darius responsible sentencing them to between 18 months and two years in prison. He also emphasized that when people have children, caring for them should become their most important duty, something that was clearly not the case for these parents. He said that two-year-olds left unattended can be exposed to many dangerous situations such as walking near a pool and drowning or drinking something poisonous. In the end, a baby’s life was lost and, as the judge said, we will never know who she may have been or what she may have done with her life. Tierra williams feels genuinely remorseful and is happy to serve her sentence.

She may never forgive herself for what she and her ex-boyfriend did, but at least she will have paid a small fraction of her debt to society. Judging this mother, who lost her son is also not the right thing to do as she surely never imagined that such a thing could happen, regardless of the many or few skills that mothers possess. They all have in common that they will always want the welfare of their children. It is necessary to point out that mothers who suffer the loss of a child and if it is in any way related to any action performed by those mothers develop a very deep trauma that is difficult to overcome. In case, you are wondering what happened to them after this terrible moment the parents separated after the winter past, although they split custody of their other two children under the supervision of county child services.

One thing that is certainly clear to everyone is that tierra her mother, darius and their children need to heal as a united family and under no circumstances distance themselves from each other. The union of the parents is a very important factor and that will be determinant in the upbringing of the children, since the father and mother are the first example that the children will receive. But the good relationship not only affects their possible future character or actions, but it has also been proven that those parents who have a good relationship between them can create and care more completely and efficiently for their children, since mutual learning will cause them to make the Least, amount of mistakes: do you think both parents have the same level of guilt for what happened?