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This Guy Was Ripping Down A Wall In His Basement When He Found A Box Full Of Life-Changing Treasure

On October 19, 2016. Immediately user Branch Twelve shared his amazing discovery with the online community. The 35 year old DIY enthusiast was finally getting around to revamping his family home, and as he’d already finished the first and second floors of his property, he decided it was high time to modernize the seller. So, heading down below, Branch Twelve began peeling back the walls of his 1940s property. At first, there wasn’t much to see, just a few random names and faces scribbled on the wall, perhaps the children of a previous owner making their Mark.

In any case, next up was tackling the basement ceiling. Of course, pulling out all the material to reveal the original beams created a whole lot of mess. But out of the imploding dust cloud, something hidden in one of the wooden panels caught Branch Twelve BDI. Yes, carefully tucked away between two beams was a green and Gray tin box. And while obviously itching to find out what it contained, Branch Twelve was also keen to share the discovery online.

Writing on Imjur, he reported, Cool, a treasure. I must document this for Imgur. It’s about time I contributed to the community. But what was inside the dusty box? And would its contents actually contribute to his life in some way?

While removing the mysterious object from the beams, he took it outside for closer inspection. He was soon joined by his wife, too, and the curious couple made a breathtaking discovery that would change their lives forever. Tied together by a piece of string, the box was in almost perfect condition. It did, however, have some wear and tear on the handle, perhaps from the previous owner carrying it around. At this point, though, the couple didn’t care.

They just wanted to know what was inside. But somewhat oddly, Branch Twelve then decided to search his home for a banana. No, his discovery hadn’t made him suddenly hungry. In fact, he was trying to find another object to place aside the box for a size comparison. Unfortunately, though, he only managed to find what looks like a babysize banana toothbrush.

Still, it helped him to document the whole process. Anticipating its contents, Branch Twelve theorized on IMR as to what the box would reveal. He wrote, It has something inside, but not heavy, like coins or gold bars. Might get lucky, though. Could be old sports cards.

That wouldn’t be a bad discovery. Vintage soccer and baseball cards can certainly fetch a pretty Penny. Finally. Then, he opened the lid. As he prized open the tin box, he found what appeared to be wax paper covering the secret stash.

Most certainly, it had been hidden away for ages, perhaps even decades. In fact, as Branick Twelve later explained in a post comment, the first owner of the 1940s house was a lady in her 50s. So could she have left a little something inside the box, packed it away, and forgotten about it? Whatever the case, Branch Twelve found that the contents were wrapped in a sheet of vintage newspaper dating from this page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer featured a 50s pin up being taught how to bowl with the help of some dapper looking guys. Classic advertising strap lines claim that a light smoke is better for you and that baldness can be prevented.

Although historically interesting, the newspaper wasn’t actually the Star find. However. That’s because behind it lay three packages, each individually wrapped in wax paper, and the green tinge coming through the wax definitely hinted at the prospect of a stack of dollar bills. In fact, Branick Twelve feverishly predicted the discovery on Imgur. He wrote, there’s money in here.

I’m guessing $1,000 or more. Is that a $20? And after carefully unwrapping the contents of the first batch, the predictions proved right. Inside was an enormous wad of early century $20 bills. Supposing that the other two packages contained the same.

Then Branch estimated his potential haul, he wrote, There may be a couple of $1,000 here. We’re freaking out. This doesn’t happen to us. But the couple’s good luck was only just beginning. Unwrapping the next package, they found that it didn’t contain $20 bills.

No, lucky for them, it was, in fact, filled to the brim with $50 notes. And the third match, you guessed it, a nice chunk wad of $100 bills, all in pretty neat condition. Jackpot, amazed the pair, quickly taught it up. The amount the final tally. They believe they were sitting on a fortune of around $20,000.

Not bad for an afternoon’s work. But then, on closer inspection, Branch Twelve realized that all the bills were early issues, dating from 1928 to 1934. Moreover, some had Brown markings on them or were stamped Gold Certificate. Could these be rare? If that were the case, there was a good chance that some bills may actually be worth more than their face value.

So after spending the following week getting the bills appraised and speaking with lawyers about what to do next, Brennan went back to work in the basement. And just as he thought his excitement was wearing off, he discovered another box tucked away in the ceiling. What were the chances? And although it was pretty much identical to the first box, Branch Twelve claimed that this one felt a lot heavier. Would this be full of cash, too?

First things first, though. Branch Twelve set the box aside and cleared the ceiling to see if there were any more boxes lying around. Alas, this was to be the second and last discovery. But of course there was more to be revealed anyway. So after Branch Twelve, waiting for his wife to return from work, the pair opened a new box again.

This one was full of money. Yes, $20 bills were tucked behind yet more vintage newspaper, neatly stacked together and filling the entire space of the box. Staggeringly after the couple selling off some of the rarer bills, the total haul came to around 45 $0. Of course, the pair posted their story of good fortune on MJR two. And while some members jealous perhaps thought it could be a hoax, the majority were delighted for the couple.

One hilarious member commented, nice haul, all I ever found was a dozen dead squirrels and a nasty old wig. The couple have now paid the money into their bank and it will go toward repaying their mortgage. They even hope to relocate to a country home in 2017. So what was perhaps once one aging lady’s rainy day fund has now changed their lives forever. And while the pair plan to move, the mystery of why exactly the money was originally hidden away will likely remain.