Story Time

This man could not sleep at night. When the doctors took an X-ray, they were amazed

We tend to be amazed by the rare conditions that can afflict the human body, but we can say that what some people do to their own bodies can be just as shocking. When the indian albino father was taken to the hospital he was already so weak, he couldn’t even walk, couldn’t eat or talk which led him to lose 30 kilos in 10 months. The 56 year old man who was diabetic was in so much pain that he could not sleep anymore. The doctor soon did an x-ray to find out what the problem was and were horrified to see that father-law had 150 needles in his body. The father-in-law had stuck them in his own body and was about to swallow some of them.

His family had not written anything down, and the Babylonian himself did not remember how the needles had ended up inside him. Based on his statements, the doctor assumed that his father-law was probably suffering from a schizophrenic disorder. As most of the needles were embedded in his neck. The doctors had difficulty removing them and finding several needles in vital nerves, arteries and respiratory organs, such as the esophagus and carotid artery that supply blood to our brain. The doctors refused to admit him as they considered his condition to be very complex.

Doctors at ams asian institute of medical sciences accepted the challenge. Dr lalit mohan, head of the ent department at ams, said that when the priest arrived, his condition was very serious and the chances of his survival were bleak. But they decided to proceed with the operation, performed a ct scan plus an endoscopic procedure for proper diagnosis and were perplexed to see more than 150 needles lodged in his body. The doctor upon finding the needles continued to analyze the patient and study his medical history. They discovered that he suffered from a psychiatric illness.

However, the doctor said that the needles may have been inserted a long time ago, as there is no visible wound in his body, but the wounds caused by the needles healed during a six hour surgery. The doctors had to remove the needles one by one, without damaging any organ or artery of father law. It was a risky procedure that at the slightest carelessness could easily end in a tragedy, but the surgeons of the asian institute and the doctors approved their skills and managed to remove the needles without any problem. Some were rusty that should have been there for more than six months. Father then remained there under constant supervision and received medication for a psychiatric condition.

It is a happy ending to a strange story and the father was extremely grateful. I am relieved he exclaimed in his first public statement after the risky surgery. Hopefully now, with the help of counseling and medication, he can live a more balanced life. How were those needles inside this man’s body and his family members continue to swear that the man did not insert the needles, but according to doctors, they were clearly inserted. We were very scared.