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This Man With Down Syndrome Approached A Queen’s Guard And The Soldiers Response Was Startling

Here is a list of the most compelling comments we have received in the last five days. Want to get in on it? Leave a constructive and positive comment below to increase your chances. This man with down syndrome approached Queen’s guard and the soldier’s response was stark, startling. Sam walked around the grounds of Windsor Castle, one of the Queen of England’s principal residences.

The Royal estate plays host to the monarch’s guards, too, and these defenders of the Crown are famously stoic. But when Sam approached one particular guard, he was startled by what the soldier did next. Sam’s trip to Windsor Castle was captured on film because he was starting in a web series called The Specials. The show followed not only his life, but also those of his friends Lucy, Lewis, Megan and Haley. And the Specials depicted the five young adults as they navigated the world with Down Syndrome, or, in Lewis’s case, Williams Syndrome.

In particular, the show tracks Famine as friends. After they’d taken a huge step, they’d moved into a shared house in Brighton, England. The Specials hit the internet in September 2009, and the ten episode first season made waves right away, eventually earning the 2010 Webby Award for Best Reality program. The Webby Awards are known as the Oscars of the web, and so winning was a fantastic achievement, the show’s website reads. The series second season, Meanwhile, revisited the housemates two years later.

At that time, Sam was on a quest to find love, and it was for a very specific reason that this particular journey brought him to the gates of Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s most important properties. Windsor Castle was built nearly 10 years ago. Since the 12th century, the grand structure has also been a home for the reigning monarch. And this fact makes it the English Palace that has been inhabited for the longest period of time. When she’s in the UK, then Queen Elizabeth II typically stays either at Windsor or Buckingham Palace in London.

And in the footage taken when savvy Windsor, he traverses the grounds and speaks to a pair of soldiers, Sergeant Bagat Moore and Lieutenant Braggerm. When you speak to your brother, just make sure that he won’t be able to speak back to you. It will sound very, very still. Fortunately for Sam, his tour guides are permitted to speak with him, and he has a question for them before they reach the Queen’s Guard.

That’s all in here at the moment. Yeah, I hope not.

After that, Sam, Braggar and Bagot Moore come to a guard on patrol. He’s wearing the signature black fur cap, as well as a Gray trench coat and white gloves. He’s also carrying a rifle, and he’s completely silent as he keeps watching the palace. In a manner similar to many tourists. Sam decides to stand next to the garden, take a photo.

As this is a normal activity, the century likely felt unthreatened. But if a guest becomes a nuisance or a threat, the guard would shout a warning. They may even take more drastic action. Without that knowledge, though, Sam couldn’t have known what would happen next. Perhaps he makes a step lightly too close to the guard, or lingers too long as the Sentry steps his foot on the ground in a seeming warning for Sam to move away.

Then Sam quickly runs off, so he’s at a comfortable distance from the guard. After that, he has a laugh with the soldiers who have brought him to see the century. But Sam may have been cheerful for more than just his missed step. You see, it turns out that he knows the guard who had given them the little warning. Yes, the man standing guard at Windsor Castle was actually Sam’s younger brother, Jack.

In the year prior to Sam’s visit to the Royal property, his brother had enlisted in the army, and as a result, the pair hadn’t been able to see each other for some time. So, knowing that Jack was in a post at Windsor Castle, Sam decided to go and see his brother while he was working. There was one catch, of course. Sam couldn’t speak to his brother nor distract him while he was protecting the Queen. And although many centuries stamped the ground as a warning to tourists who ventured too close, Sam’s brother may have been sending a different message to his sibling.

Jack’s action could have been made to acknowledge his brother’s presence or to tease him, for instance, though it’s total Sam nonetheless. Fortunately, the brothers are able to have a proper meeting later in the guards Baracks, and it quickly becomes apparent there are no hard feelings regarding Sam’s earlier scare with him and Jack locking into a hug. Then, after Jack embraces his big brother and holds him in the air, he asks Sam if he enjoyed the tour of the palace grounds. Sam says that he did, before quickly adding, I miss you. Jack replies, I miss you too, and the affection the pair have for each other is obvious as they continue hugging.

Eventually, Jack and Sam are able to discuss the topic the older brother had hoped to cover. Love finally able to speak in a note, the member of the Queen’s guard gives Sam a PepTalk and encourages him in pursuit of romance. From there, the specials would go on to Chronicle Sam’s relationship with a very special Lady, Megan, one of his housemates in Brighton. Cameras rolled as the couple experienced the highs and lows that come with love, but thankfully, their bond was strong enough to survive the show’s two seasons and beyond. Indeed, in March 2018, the specials YouTube channel shared an update for the pair, who dated for six years and known each other for a decade.

By that point. In the footage, Sam gets down on one knee to ask Meghan to marry him, and she says, yes.