This was Natalie Portman’s transformation to play Jacqueline Kennedy

The producers saw that Natalie Portman was the only option to play Jacqueline Kennedy and it was a great success.

The first trailer for the movie ‘Jackie’ demonstrated the excellent transformation of Natalie Portman to play Jacqueline Kennedy, who won an Oscar for her great performance. Without a doubt, producer Darren Aronofsky and director Pablo Larraín were absolutely right when they chose it.

The film premiered at the Venice and Toronto festivals. Jackie was a portrait of the First Lady of the United States 4 days after Kennedy’s assassination. And, it could not be another actress than Natalie Portman who perfectly captured not only the beauty but the intelligence, elegance, sadness, and anguish of those moments.

Her incredible performance and surprising transformation earned her a guaranteed nomination at the Oscars.

Jacqueline Kennedy: How Natalie Portman achieved her transformation
The big question was how Natalie Portman achieved the excellent transformation to play Jackie: “It was a combination of seeing and listening to all the interviews, recordings and videos of her,” said the actress herself during the presentation of the trailer among the applause she received. at the Toronto Festival.

Additionally, she had to work with a voice coach to achieve perfection in Jackie’s actual accent and intonation. In the same way, she modified her walk and also her poses until she looked almost like a ‘twin’ of the first lady.

Although it was not an imitation, it was an amazing interpretation of Jacqueline Kennedy, from her eyes to her body. Of course, before getting into Jackie’s skin (and also the suits), Natalie Portman already admired her and even respected her as an icon.

Once she finished her research, on the film, her interest and admiration, went far beyond that image that everyone could see: “She understood so well the importance and historical symbolism of everything that happened those days and she was very clear how fundamental it was who wrote the story of what happened,” said the producer.

For her part, Natalie said about Jackie: “She wanted to be the author of her own story and her legacy.” That is why the actress took charge of her despite the terrible mourning that she was experiencing inside her. So you can see in the film that she elevated Jackie’s figure as a well-dressed woman always at the side of the charismatic Kennedy.