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This Wife Was Angry ,Her Husband Always Worked Late, Until She Found Out Why!

Indiana natives. David and Jonah met when they were both in their twenties, but they couldn’t have been more different. David grew up in a hard working Amish community, while Jonah made a living writing a blog on the Internet. Regardless, they loved each other and decided to get married. But when David started coming home late, Jonah suspected the worst.

Determined to find out why he worked such long hours, Jonah began to think what she didn’t expect was to figure out the why and feel beyond guilty for being angry.

David and Jonah were in their 20s when they met back in the year 2012. It was a quick romance, and on Thanksgiving about a year later, David proposed in front of their friends and family. At the time, Jonah was pregnant with their little girl. The proposal was perfect. They were going to start a family together.

So after their daughter arrived and they said their vows, the two couldn’t have been happier. But Jonah was about to find out something big. Jonah was a small town girl from Indiana, and while most people wouldn’t think of it because of where she’s from, Jonah prides herself for being a loud mouth. She even said that she finds it fun to create awkward conversations and jokes. It’s pretty much her superpower.

As the years went by, she realized she could create web and video content for people to watch as entertainment. As it turned out, people loved her channel. On her blog and social media channels, Jonah is commonly known as the Real Blunt Blonde, and honestly, the nickname very much suits the stay at home mom who says, People think I’m always joking, but I’m not. I’m genuinely an unpleasant person and hate everyone equally. She even jokes around, calling herself a stayathome slave who won’t have any hair by the time they’re 30.

Pretty much she loves self deprecating humor and apparently so do her fans. David was also from a rural town, but that’s pretty much where the two lovebirds similarities started and ended. While Jonah was very outspoken, sarcastic and a jokester, David grew up a bit reserved in an Amish community. He had all the groomsmen wearing bow ties to the wedding, something Jonah wasn’t exactly thrilled about at the time. She even admitted to exploding when she learned that Amish men don’t wear ties.

As you can imagine, the two grew up very differently. So how are they going to make it work? Growing up in a Swiss German Amish community, David was unused to modern technology, learning how to do things the old fashioned way. Because of this, David and Jonah have very little in common. While David drives a buggy, Jonah admits that she almost drove one into a tree.

Due to his upbringing, David is also calmer and serene, while his wife is a wild child running her mouth on the internet every other day, something he also doesn’t fully understand. Nevertheless, both David and Jonah love each other and believe that opposites attract. So they’ve learned to live with one another. David and the new technology and whirlwind wife, and Jonah with a very old fashioned husband who doesn’t know how to use Google properly. On her blog, Jonas said, All I really knew about the Amish community was that they made Donuts that would slap your taste buds with happiness you’ve never experienced before.

With a lot of mommy bloggers in the internet world, it takes a lot for someone to really stand out. Thankfully for Jonah, she had something up her sleeve and it was a bit different than the other bloggers. It factor. That thing was her Amish husband. What better marketing strategy is there for a newly married couple with an internet blogging wife and a husband who grew up without technology?

Was it interesting to the readers, you better believe it was with a young daughter, a house to take care of, and maintaining her vast online presence, you can imagine Jonah was very busy and typically on a very tight schedule. And considering David worked out of the house, she was by herself most of the day. But she had to admit that even with all of the daily responsibilities she had, Jonah loved her blog and spending as much time with her daughter as possible. While Jonas stayed at home with their young daughter, David went to work at a nearby RV dealership. There, he worked long hours, often staying late into the night.

But with his Amish upbringing, no one really expected him to do anything less. But that left Jonah alone. And while she had many internet followers that didn’t replace the company of her husband, she missed interacting with him and began feeling very lonely. The long hours and loneliness were stressing Jonah out, and it made her mind run wild. The long hours of David’s work day began to stress Joan out.

One day on her blog, she even wrote, I’m wedded to an industrious man and I would be dishonest if I alleged that it didn’t stress me. The stay at home mom admitted to being angry with her husband because of all the time he put into his job. It was even taking a toll on his appearance, giving him cracked hands and Crows feet all before the age of 30, something Jonah wasn’t happy about. Although it was a bit petty of Jonah did not appreciate David’s hard work that left him with rough hands and facial lines. She was aware she’s putting him in a no win situation.

One blog post said, he literally can’t succeed. If David doesn’t work later than usual, he’ll not get the new furniture set that I need to have. However he works late, he returns home to an irritating wife who’s longing for his attention. I am an egocentric in our Union, and I recognize that. Jonah reflected on her marriage one night when she was waiting for David to come home from work, comparing it to the fairy tales she used to read as a little girl.

In a blog post, she said, I don’t remember the Prince absent from dinners for the reason that he was working overtime or retiring to bed not long after he came to his palace, since he was so tired. But Jonah was missing one vital piece of information about the Prince inner stories. What Jonah forgot is that the Prince and her stories didn’t need to work or provide for his family. He was already rich and living a lavish life in a palace. But that didn’t matter because as time went on, she became more and more frustrated with the long hours, and that frustration grew into anger.

With her emotions boiling, Jonah decided she was going to confront David and ask where he’s been and why he didn’t want to spend time with his family. To keep her mind off of growing anger and resentment, Jonah did chores. It helped her keep control of things when everything seemed out of control. So when she heard the dryer go off, she didn’t think twice about going and folding all the clothing. But doing such a mindnumbing task didn’t help her wandering thoughts.

Her husband was late once again, and she had no idea where he could possibly be. Of course, being the blogger she is, Jonah wrote to her followers. She said, Why doesn’t he wish to spend time together with me? We’re newlyweds. Aren’t we meant to be in the honeymoon phase?

Of course, Jonas thoughts weren’t abnormal, as a lot of women have an image of what marriage should be in their heads, and having a new husband who doesn’t want to spend any time at home was not it. Jonah’s mind was wandering while she was separating her clothing for her husband’s, folding them into different piles to be put away. And honestly, the act made her separation that much more difficult for Jonah to deal with. But then something happened. While Jonah was folding the clothing, she noticed something very strange something she didn’t notice before.

And it was then that she started to think back on their marriage. There was something distinctly different about their clothing. Keep watching to find out why. While folding their laundry, Jonah noticed something very strange. She wrote on her blog, why did my garments look lively, sparkling and new?

His were filthy, stained and worn out. She distinctly remembered both of them going shopping together. But when she thought back on the day, she didn’t remember her husband actually purchasing new clothes for himself just for her and their daughter. With that memory in her mind, Jonah became lost in thought. After thinking things over, Jonah felt bad about wanting to confront David about his long hours.

She thought it was petty and selfish for her to do so since he was obviously working that hard in order to provide for his family. On her blog, Jonah wrote, this man provided more than I ought to have. If I let him know I desire something, hardly ever will he say no. It was obvious to her that she married a very hardworking and loving man. Jonah had been bitter about David’s long hours for awhile, so it took her some time to finally calm down and realize why he was out of the house so much, working himself to the bone.

It was all for her and their daughter. So how could she be angry with someone who was doing all they could to provide for their family? She couldn’t. It wasn’t as if he was out partying or had a secret family on the side airblog, Jonah wrote, he spoils me with the fruits of his toil, and he’s fine with a pair of tattered boxer briefs. I was behaving as if he were elsewhere enjoying with his friends.

However, his clothes told a whole different narrative. It was a huge life lesson for Jonah. First, she shouldn’t jump to conclusions before knowing the entire story, and second, if she wanted to have nice things, David was going to have to work. As Jonah continued to think about it, she realized she was acting silly. Of course, David didn’t want to work long hours.