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This Woman Beat Cancer While She Was Pregnant But When She Finally Gave Birth, Tragedy Struck

This woman beat cancer while she was pregnant, but when she finally gave birth, tragedy struck at the beginning of 2017. Jamie Snyder was busy being a mother to two daughters, Aubrey and Maddie. The California mom had already been through a lot in her life, having survived cervical cancer. Although she lost an overage during her battle with the disease, she overcame it in the end to the delight of her friends and family. What’s more, something unexpected happened to Snyder.

She found out that she was pregnant again. As a result, Snyder was over the moon, if not a little surprised. Furthermore, it wasn’t going to be just one baby.That’s right, Snyder was pregnant with twins. Her two daughters were going to become big sisters to two more little bundles of joy. However, Snyder’s happiness was not destined to last. Indeed, heartbreakingly, she learned that her cancer had returned. Consequently, her pregnancy was not going to be a straightforward one.

Snyder had to undergo chemotherapy over the coming months. She subsequently undertook aggressive chemotherapy at the Stanford Medical Center, which left her weak and bald. However, her babies were still doing okay, so doctors made the decision to perform a Csection on Snyder in order to deliver the twins as safely as possible. Moreover, by this point, Snyder was in remission, having overcome cancer for the second time. However, following the Csection at 33 weeks, surgeons still wanted to perform a radical hysterectomy on Snyder immediately afterwards, a common measure taken to help prevent cancer from returning.

What’s more, the pregnant 30 year old was ready for it if her social media pages are anything to go by. Indeed, Snyder decided to post her thoughts about the surgery on Facebook just one day before it took place. Tomorrow will be a great day. God has been by my side the whole time. All your prayers and love have kept me going as well.

Wish me luck. I’m having a Csection at seven and then a radical hysterectomy right after. I’ll be fine, she wrote. The final part of her message read, thank you, God, for keeping me positive through all the hard times. Alongside the post, Snyder uploaded a photograph of herself beaming with both her pregnant stomach and bald head showing.

Snyder clearly had a positive outlook heading into the surgery and to everyone’s relief, the twins were born safely. She managed to safely bring twins Camilla and Nico into the world, and although they were premature, they were still in good health. She subsequently underwent the hysterectomy surgery, which she also survived. Indeed, that day should have been the beginning of a whole new cancerfree life for Snyder. However, in the most shocking of twists, it wasn’t to be tragically.

Only a day after giving birth to Camilla and Nico and then undergoing a hysterectomy. Snyder passed away. She had suffered heart failure and died on March 16, 2017. Having kicked cancer twice already in her short life, Snyder wasn’t able to pull through this time. The 30 year old left behind four beautiful children and many devastated family members and friends.

The only thing that might have given them any comfort is that Snyder at least had the chance to meet her twins before she died. Her close friend Lorena CAMPAIGNAl subsequently spoke to ABC Seven about her tragic loss. What gives me peace in my heart as she got to see those babies and hold them and be with them for a little bit. Nevertheless, the twins will never be able to get to know their brave mother. However, Snyder’s friends and family hope that the twins will inherit her smile.

Furthermore, those who knew her remember her amazing positivity which they also hope their children will display as they grow up. Indeed, Snyder showed that incredible positivity of hers in her very last Facebook post the night before the Csection in Hysterectomy. In it, she’s grinning at the camera. Despite the risks of the surgery to come. The next day following the death of her friend, Campaniel set up a GoFundMe page in remembrance of Snyder.

The funds raised will go to her family to help them through this terrible time. Components also took the chance to write a small tribute to her friend. On the page Jamie was array of Sunshine in the most beautiful free spirit she touched everyone’s life that crossed her path. She will be extremely missed by so many campaigns wrote the page has already raised more than $10,000 to date.