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This Woman’s Boss Sent A “Thank You” Note To HER HUSBAND After Making Her Work Overtime, And I’m Seething

As the price of living continues to rise, additional and additional individuals are reportage a general chafe with their work lives. Earlier this year, CNBC reported that sixty-two % people employees say they are living payroll check to payroll check and, in addition to receiving low pay, feeling disrespected by management was among the highest reasons why several left their jobs.
Among nurses — one of the foremost turbulent positions to carry throughout the pandemic — a touch over common fraction say they will be deeded their positions by the tip of 2022. And, once this “Thank you” card started creating the rounds online, it isn’t laborious to imagine why.
Recently, once a trend of finishing obligatory overtime at work, a nurse came home to seek out that her husband received the subsequent letter from her boss, that reads: “Thank you for sharing your married woman, as she has been mandated to figure many times over the past few months. we tend to acknowledge that this took her off from her family.”

Though that is quite enough to elicit feelings on the far side of frustration, the letter continues, “Please recognize we tend to appreciate her, and many thanks for sharing once we urgently required her.”

As you’ll be able to imagine, the letter was met by cringes, and extremely smart queries inquisitive about why the husband was obtaining a “thank you” rather than the nurse, WHO did the work:
“‘Thank you for sharing your wife’ is one of the foremost cringy things I even have ever scanned in my life. On prime of everything, as a woman, it very reads like they’re thanking the husband for sharing his property. I do know they do not mean it like that however if I’m an expert, I do not want anyone causing a many thanks card to my husband. you’ll be able to give thanks American state directly, many thanks considerably.”

Other medical professionals chimed in to mention they were unsuccessful, however unsurprised by the actions of the hospital:
“This is a few of the cringy crap hospitals do to undertake to stay employees. They refuse to extend wages notwithstanding what. they’re going to throw dish parties at America, essential oils, low-cost gift cards, and pass out low-cost company swag, painting rocks as a result of we tend to rock, and different useless crap. something, however, pays cash and hiring additional employees.”

And others WHO might relate to one thing similar happening in their separate fields shared their own stories:
“I once did associate degree absolute bucket load of overtime beside many team members to hit a crazy target our boss had set to indicate off to his manager. We’re talking about staying within the workplace till ten p.m. most nights for several weeks.

We ever got a £30 voucher to associate degree Italian eating house. I might rather have received nothing. “
After the thread went microorganism, the nurse, WHO goes by u/SolitudeWeeks on Reddit, shared, “The Chief Nursing Officer identified of [the microorganism post] and stopped the follow,” thus it’s like they are through with causing out “thank you” cards. however, the harm has already been done. “It was additional of a slap within the face than the $10 gift cards they gave out however quickly ran out of,” she all over.