Unearthed Clip: Children Witness Meghan Markle’s Moonbump Pressed as She Crosses Legs at Charity Event

The ongoing headlines surrounding Meghan Markle’s pregnancy have kept the media abuzz, primarily due to persisting questions regarding the children’s identities and the lack of clear medical and birth records. Statements from Meghan, Harry, and the palace have been riddled with contradictions.

Recently, a new video emerged on Twitter, shedding light on a moment when Meghan’s moon bump was inadvertently revealed during a charity event attended by young children. In the clip, Meghan Markle is seen inadvertently exposing her midsection to the children before catching the attention of the camera.

Upon closer observation, it appears that her moon bump appears to shift as she sits and crosses her legs, potentially causing lasting trauma for the young attendees. On the upside, they can now boast that they were present when Meghan had an unexpected moon bump incident.

Some experts have noted that Meghan’s belly in the video may have appeared to be more like that of someone four to five months pregnant. This is intriguing because, during the event, she had no trouble crossing her legs or squatting, yet her behavior seemed to suggest a significantly larger belly when standing. In essence, it implies that her pregnancy demeanor fluctuated, only aligning with a pregnant appearance in certain instances.

Beyond the pregnancy belly discussion, some platforms are also engaging in conversations about Meghan’s treatment of her children. One account expressed strong disapproval, describing the act of using children to generate income and attempt to restore their parents’ reputations as abhorrent.

However, there is speculation that Meghan might be inviting more controversy onto herself intentionally, perhaps believing that she needs to accumulate even more negative publicity. The resulting backlash, while potentially damaging, could serve her purpose.

Another perspective suggests that there might be other underlying issues at play, such as behavioral problems in the children. Meghan may be keen on having these issues exposed by photographers, as demonstrated when she was photographed by Backgrid while taking her son to school.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is reportedly determined to shield the children from the media’s spotlight, which could potentially lead to conflicts with his wife. As the situation unfolds, the mystery surrounding the children’s identities and Meghan’s actions continues to perplex and intrigue.