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VIDEO: Man Grabs Woman’s “Flawless” Butt, Gets Dropped Hard

A man grabbed this girl’s butt, and almost immediately, a bystander whipped out a phone to record what was about to happen. Sure enough, just one minute later — BOOM!

A controversial clip, containing foul language, is making its rounds on the internet after a guy was captured getting what many say he deserves after reportedly touching an attractive woman’s butt. As the footage begins, there’s a clearly upset young woman in extremely short shorts wearing a top that says “Flawless.” It’s immediately apparent that Ms. Flawless is furious, yelling at a guy for allegedly grabbing her butt.

As cursing and chaos ensues, an onlooker yells, “She’s about to tase this n*gger,” but getting tased was the least of this guy’s worries. The yelling continues with another woman joining in until, suddenly, another man approaches and decides to intervene. That’s when the butt-grabber gets shoved as the other guy seems to want to instigate a fight. The alleged groper stumbles backward into a third man, who has an unpleasant reaction.

After being shoved by the guy who was seemingly angling for a fight, the butt-bandit falls into the third man, who in turn whips around and punches the grabby guy square in the face. The blow sends the groper to the ground, but he quickly recovers, jumping back up to his feet.

Unfortunately for him, he would have been better off just staying on the ground since he regains his footing only to be knocked out by the other man, who had initially shoved him. The person filming exclaims, “You got knocked the f*** out!” Captain Obvious with his camera then walks around the fallen fellow, making sure to capture his stunned expression in the clip as he slowly begins to come to before ending the video.

After the clip hit social media, it quickly stirred up a debate. While viewers agreed that the guy was wrong for touching the young woman’s butt, many also pointed out that she should not be wearing such revealing clothes in public, strongly criticizing her short shorts.

“He had no right to put his hands on her,” one viewer commented on Facebook. “That being said, if she wasn’t advertising maybe he wouldn’t have thought it was an invitation. Just saying put some damn pants on that cover your butt.”

“I don’t think it’s ok to touch a lady that doesn’t want you to touch her but for real girl put your *ss back in your shorts,” another commented, echoing the same sentiments, while yet another added, “I 100% agree with no one putting their hands on anyone, but come on, more of her butt is exposed than what is covered up. Have respect for yourself.”

Of course, others said that no matter what she was wearing, the man had no right to put his hands on her. One social media user pointed out that girls in the 70s wore hot pants, which might not be “quite as short but damn close.” He added, “Never would have the guys grabbed them. And I don’t really care what she was wearing or not wearing that don’t give you the right to just reach out and grab. Hell back in the day when in high school we had a spot we’d go skinny dipping and no girl got pawed on just cause she was naked.”

“No matter what she is wearing, it does not give anyone the right to touch without permission,” another reader wrote, as another added, “He shouldn’t have touched her no matter what she was wearing!! With that said, it’s also my opinion that if you’re going to dress in short shorts that half your *ss is hanging out, you’re wanting attention! I’m not saying you want to be touched, but you definitely want dudes looking at you! You like the attention or you wouldn’t dress like that! Just sayin.”

It seems this might be a case of two wrongs don’t make a right. While it can be viewed as disrespectful – to not only yourself but those around you – to have so much of your rear end hanging out in public, her fashion faux-pas is not a free pass to be touched by strangers. This guy should have kept his hands to himself. A nearly bare bottom shouldn’t be put on display in public, but even a completely bare bottom isn’t an invitation to touch it.