Story Time

Waitress Sees Suspicious Man Enter Cafe with Reluctant Little Girl & Decides to Stay Close

After seeing a poorly Dressed Man entering a cafe with an unwilling little girl in a gorgeous dress, a waitress grew suspicious. She watched them closely and rushed to bring help after overhearing their conversation from a table. Nearby 21 year old Amanda started waitressing in a local cafe. In town five months ago, ever since she joined the cafe, she had often met some wonderful guests that tipped her well for her hearty service with a smile. The young waitress was proud of her courtesy and was happy to take home more than just a good day.

At work on a similar pleasant day, she arrived at the Eatery and put on her Diner uniform, anticipating guests, who appreciated her attendance. A little later she noticed a poor man entered the cafe with a stubborn little girl in a beautiful dress, who refused to go with him inside suspicious Amanda decided to keep an eye on them after overhearing a startling conversation minutes later. She realized she had done right by staying close to the two and rushed to alert the other staff inside. Yes, sir, how may I help you today? Amanda asked the man.

What would you like to have? The man was poorly dressed with a badge on his jacket. Reading Adam Hart Amanda assumed it was his aim and smiled at the little girl whose hands he held tight. What’S your name sweetheart, she asked the girl Manny the little one said: Manny, that’s adorable. The little girl was wearing a gorgeous dress.

It smelled fresh and appeared to have been worn straight from the store just minutes earlier. Amanda looked at Adam from head to toe and wondered about his connection with the beautiful little girl. Something seemed off, especially when Adam took the girl away and settled in the farthest corner, without allowing her to talk further Amanda took her notepad and to their table, sir. What would you like to have she asked? I’M not hungry Adam said: why don’t you order what you like he added looking at Manny Amanda was baffled and stared at the girl.

She couldn’t take her eyes off. The beautiful dress, Manny was wearing, it seemed pretty expensive and it fueled her doubts about Adam. I don’t want to eat anything. I told you, I don’t want anything Manny fumed. I want to go home.

The little girl sounded worried and angry about something. But what was Amanda’s question? The waitress looked at Adam, who then placed an order himself, a slice of chocolate cake in a milkshake, please, he said with each passing. Second Amanda grew worried and anxious. She knew something was not right.

She walked away taking the order and decided to stay close to the two of them moments later Amanda approached the table with the order and served it up for the girl. She closely watched Manny the girl looked disturbed about something I’m not eating this. I want to go home now she shouted again, please I want to go at this point. I Amanda wanted to ask the man what was happening, but she felt it would seem intrusive, Adam stared at Amanda, who understood he wanted her to leave them alone. What is going on, what is he doing with that girl she mumbled as she walked away?

I must find out Amanda watched, Adam and Manny from a distance. The girl had not yet touched her food and was arguing about something with the man. The waitress was Restless. The little girl’s reactions clearly showed that she was in some trouble. She decided to find out.

She approached a table nearby to attend to another guest and overheard Adam talking to Manny. You have to eat this, she heard him say we are not leaving until then. A few minutes later Amanda returned to the table to serve the other guest and overheard more of Adam’s conversation with the girl darling. It’S her birthday today and I want to make it special Adam said: don’t let me down. Amanda was stunned when she realized that Adam was none but Manny’s father, but she still could not understand why the little girl was unhappy and stubborn.

That’S when she heard something heartbreaking Daddy. I don’t want you to waste money on this Manny said we could use this money to buy your medicine. You already spent your weekly wage on this dress. At this point, Amanda began to shed tears. She felt guilty for jumping to conclusions about Adam.

Without knowing the truth, then she had an idea: the waitress rushed to the kitchen and told the staff about the poor father who wanted to please his little birthday girl. Ultimately, everyone was moved and sprung into action planning. A little surprise for the dad and daughter, a few minutes later, the staff marched to Adam’s table and served different, expensive dishes. The Poor Dad had no idea what was happening, but but I didn’t order them. He exclaimed, I think you’ve got the wrong table.

Then Amanda walked to his table with a cake in her hand and the cafe manager beside her. She planted eight candles on the cake denoting Maddie’s eighth birthday. Go on sweetie blow the candles she said go on honey. The manager exclaimed Adam, couldn’t believe his eyes. The Poor Dad was pleased and became teary-eyed when he asked Amanda why she said smiling.

Everyone deserves a bright day, sir. Following the incident, Adam was hired as a waiter in the cafe to provide for his family. The dad was delighted and thanked the kind waitress for her kind gesture. As I said, everyone should have Bright Days. Amanda said on Adam’s first day at work.