We’re Lucky These Hilarious Airport Pictures Were Captured

Billions of people around the world travel through airports. Someone is always flying somewhere. Whether it’s visiting friends and family, a honeymoon, or just your first trip to a specific place, the point is that anyone is flying somewhere every second. As a result, unexpected, funny and funny things can happen during transit. That’s why we compiled the funniest photos we took at the airport Be prepared, some of them are ridiculous.

How Many People Can You Spot In The Picture?

Friends have to stick together at the airport! Especially when you’re all tired as can be but there’s nowhere comfortable to sleep. Just tag team it and all will be well. Even if it looks weird.

Home Alone

That’s one way to greet your parents. In your pajamas. Informing them that they’re out of cereal which only means that you still live at home. ~sigh~ Millennials just keep getting a bad rep and it’s because of reasons like this.

Bikini Rabbis

This is one of those “a picture is worth a thousand words” moments. There’s just no other way to put it! Although this might just be the most hilarious photo we’ve ever seen and we’re just getting started.

Lay Over?

Everyone knows just how difficult it is to find a comfortable place to nap when you’re at the airport. But this, well this is just unacceptable. Taking up an entire row is plain rude! Would I do the same if I was in her position? Err, maybe but only it wasn’t busy at the airport.

Batman Is In The Building

Seeing as Batman can’t actually fly, he resorts to other means to travel cross state. What? It’s not like he can whip out the Bat-mobile every single time!

Please Follow Directions

Sometimes Google Translate is drunk. I mean, what kind of sign is this? While this is English, it’, uhh, well obviously it’s 100% inaccurate.