When Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Shot Crazy S-x Scenes In Malta For Their Film By The Sea & The Actress Claimed It The Strangest Thing In The World

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ventured to the picturesque shores of Malta to capture the essence of passion and intimacy. Their journey coincided with the backdrop of their marital union.

Brad Pitt, whose initial connection with Angelina Jolie ignited amidst the filming of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ in 2004, found himself enmeshed in a tapestry of intimate moments in their 2015 romantic opus, ‘By The Sea.’ This artistic endeavor unfolded against the backdrop of their 2014 nuptials, when their love was at its zenith.

Reports of their foray into intense, passionate scenes began circulating in 2014 for this cinematic creation, a masterpiece directed by Angelina Jolie herself. Feel free to scroll down for more revelations.

During this juncture, speculations ran rife about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie embarking on “crazy s*x scenes” while portraying the roles of a wedded couple. However, fate took a different turn in 2016, and the paths of these two illustrious individuals diverged.

Speaking of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s amorous escapades during this period, according to an article in The Daily Mail, the couple embarked on this steamy odyssey in the captivating landscapes of Malta. In an interesting twist, several of their scenes were shot in close proximity to their family abode. For those unacquainted with this European gem, Malta is a breathtaking nation nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, merely 50 miles to the south of Sicily.

An inside source divulged details about their filming locale, stating, “Their filming location of choice was Mgarr ix-Xini Bay in Gozo,” with their sojourn extending over a span of ten weeks. Another informant from the set at that juncture hinted at the duo transcending the roles of husband and wife, delving deep into an “intimate character-driven drama.”

Moreover, an insider provided additional insight, sharing, “This isn’t your typical blockbuster; it’s not an action-packed extravaganza. Instead, it’s the kind of production we cherish but rarely encounter. It’s a profoundly experimental, independent film that grants us the freedom to be co-stars and embrace a raw, unfiltered approach, daring to push the boundaries.” Angelina Jolie herself hinted at the time that her acting career might take a backseat.

In a candid moment in 2015, the ‘Maleficent’ luminary disclosed the surreal nature of filming an intimate scene with Brad Pitt. She remarked, “It’s a surreal experience to find oneself reclined in a bathtub, unclothed, with an iPad displaying the scene outside, while your spouse stands at the door, awaiting your direction to join you in an amorous embrace, all in the presence of a crew of other gentlemen armed with cameras.

” Angelina Jolie humorously added, “I couldn’t step out of the bathtub to check the monitor because the director was in the same state of undress.
As artists, we yearn for liberation, but Brad, being my husband, graciously assumed the role of ‘towel keeper,’ shielding my modesty.”