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When The Doctor Spotted That An Ultrasound Was Different, This Mother Had Only One Thing To Say

When monica price went in for her ultrasound, she had an inkling that something about her pregnancy was different as a consequence, then she had her husband roll the camera. As her doctor told her exactly who the family was expecting and when the medical professional spoke, she delivered. Some astonishing news price had gone in to see her doctor after she found out that she was pregnant at the time of the appointment.

She was nine weeks and four days along and as the mom-to-be was still in the early stages of pregnancy. This would be the first time that she would see her child, even before the day of The ultrasound rolled around, though price had a feeling that this wouldn’t be an ordinary pregnancy.

She had a daughter and a son already and so knew some of what to expect. This time, though, she felt a lot different, in particular price noted that her belly was a lot larger than it had been when expecting her older children, and the sign was a positive one for price and husband allen, as they hoped they would be greeting multiples, even Their daughter seemed to be in on it.

She referred to her future sibling as babies, instead of baby long before an ultrasound showed how many children price was actually having. Of course, these were just the couple’s visions for their future and they had to have a doctor confirm how many babies were on the way. Still price asked her husband to video record the appointment just in case they got the news they had always dreamed of.

I just had a feeling it would be something we would want recorded to re-watch forever price wrote in the description of the youtube video she shared of her appointment. The resulting clip shows her doctor scanning her womb and alerting price to be on the lookout as the ultrasound screen lights up and price watches.

The screen intently as her doctor asks. Alright, you ready, then, as the scans view shifts the doctor, prepares the expectant mother and her family once again by saying all right here. It comes, but when the ultrasound finally reaches the womb, the doctor lets out a gasp.

Meanwhile, price looks back at her husband who is still recording the appointment. The shock she feels is clearly written on her face and the doctor doesn’t have to say anything more as price can tell what is happening just by looking at the screen stunned. She covers her mouth with her hand, are you kidding me? She asks her doctor. Her husband also chimes in when he sees the ultrasound exclaiming from behind the camera get out of here.

I’M not kidding you, oh my god, and while the doctor has yet to point out, the number of babies price is having the mom-to-be can’t contain her excitement. We talked about it. She says to her doctor referencing her and her husband’s dream of having multiples. Price’s husband chimes into saying we were literally talking about that. Then her doctor finally begins to verbally confirm everything.

Price has suspected all along. That explains why you’re feeling huge the medical professional acknowledges. We’Ve got one there with a heartbeat. So let me measure that one the doctor goes on pointing to the first baby on the screen. All the mom-to-be can say in that moment is holy before trailing off.

The doctor then shows the couple. The second baby yeah, there’s that one and there’s that one the news is finally set aloud price and her husband are expecting the twins. They have always wanted. Price’S husband turns the camera on their young daughter, who seems thrilled to find out she’ll, be a big sister twice over as he films her. He jokes from behind the camera daddy’s in trouble.

After that, the doctor expresses her shock at the fact that price’s only symptom has been her apparently extra-large belly. i’m surprised, you don’t feel worse. She says upon discovering the two babies in the expectant mother’s womb and with that the video ends.

Naturally, though, the price’s journey into twin parenthood had only just begun, then, nearly two months after sharing the video of their first ultrasound in october 2015, the pair once again had cameras rolling as they found out the gender of their identical twins. That video sees price bursting into tears as soon as she opens the envelope and her husband knows exactly what that reaction means.

Are they girls he asks and she nods, then he looks at the camera and repeats mommy got her girl. Finally, seven months later, the prices had another video to share and the clip was an adorable one, featuring their newborn twin daughters, dressed in matching outfits and lying on the grass, as they watched their older sister and brother playing.

It has been nearly three years since the duo shared the news of their pregnancy online and the internet users around the world overreacted warmly to their youtube clip. Since it was published on october 24 2015. The video has racked up more than 1 Million views.