When the mother saw her newborn, she fainted, but what the doctors did was unbelievable

When the mother saw her newborn she fainted but what the doctors did was unbelievable in india a baby girl is born with four legs and three hands after two triplets become entwined in the womb but her twin brother is delivered safely and without complications india’s rajasthan state has witnessed the birth of a newborn girl who was born with four legs and three hands

On friday mother raju 24 gave birth to twins with the second child being born healthily the mother who did not undergo an ultrasound was believed to be carrying triplets according to doctors it’s possible that the additional limbs of the youngster would be removed through surgery in jaipur after being connected to another baby in the womb an indian woman gave birth to a girl who was born with four legs and

Three hands according to reports raju aged 24 gave birth to twins a boy and a girl at a hospital in tonk rajasthan on friday after a normal delivery in contrast to the son who was born healthy the girl was born with an extra set of legs as well as an additional hand covering her entire chest an abdominal region a baby girl with four legs and three hands has been born in the indian state

Of rajasthan it’s believed that she was born as one of three children but that one of the other children united with her while still in the womb in jaipur doctors believe the boy who’s photographed in hospital will be able to have the extra limbs removed through surgery according to doctors dr raju believes she was carrying triplets but one of the babies has been linked to the tiny girl according to the

Medical professionals dr rohitash mina the surgeon who performed the delivery stated that raju gave birth to the twins spontaneously at approximately 2 46 am in this situation the male child is perfectly normal but the female child is actually a pair of conjoined twins she was suffering from a little respiratory problems after putting her oxygen support we were able to stabilize her vitals

We will refer her to an advanced hospital in jaipur for additional therapy and pediatric surgery said the doctor there’s no danger to either the mother or the child the mother and father of the infant did not get an ultrasound during their pregnancy and were distressed when their daughter was delivered when raju and bahular gujjar found out they were expecting their first child they couldn’t have been happier

The parents who were uneducated had not had an ultrasound done and were therefore ignorant that they were having twins they had decided against getting an ultrasound they were in a state of distress following the delivery of the newborn girl dr mina continued conceiving triplets is more difficult to achieve than designing twins in the united states the centers for disease control and prevention cdc

Estimates that approximately four thousand three hundred of three point nine million births or roughly point one percent or one in every one thousand will be triplets twins born together are considerably more unusual occurring in around one in every 49,000 to 1 in every 189,000 births with a pie occurrence in africa and southwest asia it’s really terrible that both of these events occurred at the same time

But at least both the mother and the male child are doing well on the other hand we can only hope that the physicians will be able to remove the extra limbs off the tiny angel successfully and safely doctors believe they’ll be able to remove the youngster’s extra limbs through surgery earlier this year two-year-old pakistani twins who were conjoined at the head were successfully separated

Two-year-old twins who were linked at the head underwent successful surgery at a british hospital to separate their skulls brains and blood vessels on tuesday according to the hospital’s announcement the exceedingly difficult surgery on safa and marwa ola who were born in pakistan in january 2017 with a disease known as cranopagius in which their skulls and parts of their brains were linked and entangled took place over a

Period of several days according to david j dunaway who co-led the surgical team that dealt with the twins craniopagus is an exceedingly unusual and complicated disorder according to him the procedure which took place in february was the most intricate such separation his team had ever undertaken to that point being born with twins that are linked at the head but have distinct bodies occurs

In less than one in a million births and having the connection continue into the brain tissue is even more uncommon every year it’s projected that roughly 50 sets of craniopagus twins are born around the world with only about 15 of them expected to live past the first 30 days of life dunaway explained that cutting edge technology such as virtual reality advanced imaging and three-dimensional rapid prototyping assisted in the

Separation the technology allowed the surgeons to use images of the girls brains and blood vessels to plan and practice the surgery in advance reducing the likelihood of complications great ormond street hospital in london was used for the treatments and the girls recovered sufficiently to be discharged from the hospital four months later on July 1st these cutting-edge scientific procedures significantly enhanced the likelihood of

Safa and marwa achieving success according to the great ormond street hospital team their brains were more interwoven than the previous sets of cranopagus twins making it the most difficult separation to do yet despite the fact that it’s been five months since their final operation safa and marwa are making gradual but steady progress according to their doctors who added that an additional period of recovery and rehabilitation is

Required to maximize their recovery in a similar case a seven-month-old kid with eight limbs undergoes life-changing surgery because his iraqi family would not allow him to have surgery for his polymelia condition the boy traveled to india for treatment after doctors in his home nation of iraq were unable to perform the treatment a seven month old boy born with eight limbs had life-changing surgery in india

The young boy was first denied surgery due to a lack of available facilities but in october of last year he was finally able to obtain the care he required after being diagnosed with polymelia karam sarmed a resident of baghdad iraq was admitted to the jp hospital in noida northern india karam was born with an abnormally large number of limbs compared to his peers due to a congenital condition known as

Polymelia krom had four extra limbs two hands and two legs that he could use to move around on the other hand one limb was much shorter than a normal sized leg and the other was divided into two separate limbs krom’s tummy also had a leg and a hand coming from it which was generating anxiety while the iraqi hospital refused to conduct the surgery the boy’s father dr

Sarmed ahmed a 28 year old emergency physician had heard of previous successful surgeries in india and wanted to have the procedure done there he and his wife gulffran ali aged 28 hoped for a miracle so they rushed quran to india when he was just 17 days old in the hopes of preserving his life he stated he’s my first child and it was heartbreaking to see him in such bad shape we were completely taken back we visited several doctors and hospitals

In my country but they refused to do the surgery owing to a lack of facilities they’ve stated that they won’t be able to work india had been suggested by many people and i was anxious to help my child so we decided to take a chance and fly there we went for the first time in october and came back three weeks later following that we turned in december and the operation began there words cannot describe my gratitude to

The doctors here they’ve been extremely helpful throughout the process and they’ve given my son a fresh start when the baby was brought to the hospital his limbs and intestines were malformed and he only had one kidney revealed dr obschanek of jp hospital’s pediatrics department a group of doctors from various departments agreed to discuss his condition and we all agreed that the twisted limbs and intestines would be

Rectified in three stages dr gaurav rathor a senior physician at jp hospital’s orthopedics department revealed in the final stage krom’s club feet were handled and the two limbs that were coming out of his stomach were removed after chrom’s surgery he returned to iraq and we stayed in touch with his parents by phone and email offering them crucial advice the final stage of my operation which

Required removing the last two limbs was recently finished karam can now walk on his own two legs just like any other kid despite the fact that the boy’s left leg was only partially developed doctors were able to finish its growth by transplanting muscles from his dismembered limbs into it karam’s curved back was also repaired during the procedure which included pelvic osteometry surgery on the right side of his body krom had

One normal testicle but on the left side he had two testicles the treatment was deemed effective when one testicle was removed and the other was fixed coromis family will remain in the hospital until he’s able to return to iraq on his own right now my son is fine said dr sarmad at this time his health is really stable i’m happy to say that he’s responding well to treatment they say we’re looking

Forward to returning back home what is polymelia exactly polymelia is a condition in which a kid is born with more limbs than is normal for their age usually five or more in this congenital male formation the extra limb is usually abnormal in shape and size and it may appear as a shrunken limb the presence of supernumerary limbs is defined as the presence of extra limbs that are more in number than the normal

Number the condition is known as double pelvis and four legs when polymelia takes the form of dipigus deformity which is a severe congenital anomaly in which the body axis forks along the abdomen and the lower extremities such as the pelvis and legs become duplicated giving rise to two pelvises and four legs the prevalence of polymelia in the indian population cannot be determined on its own

Nevertheless the overall prevalence of birth defects in india ranges from 61 to 69.9 per 1000 live births because polymelia is such a rare condition it’s possible that it only accounts for a small percentage of all birth defects in the general population thanks for reading.