Story Time

Woman Notices Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Goes to Abandoned Building Every Day after School

The self-made woman named Anika Thompson raised her nine-year-old daughter, Julie, all alone. One day. She realized that her daughter had been frequenting an abandoned building after school, so she decided to find out why Anika Thompson owned a multi-million dollar cosmetic business which he started from the ground. Up she did all of this while raising her daughter, Julie alone. Having told her that her father was a kind man who died before she was born.

The truth was Anika had been abandoned by her boyfriend Adam when she was eight months pregnant. He had jetted off to New York for a business trip and never came back. It was Anika who drove him to the airport and all seemed well until he didn’t return home after five days. It was also, then, that Anika realized he’d been distant and quiet before his flight, making it an excuse that he had a headache. Aniku was both scared and devastated with a baby to raise in without anybody to help her.

She had no idea where to begin picking up the pieces. However, when Julie came, everything changed. She was full of Hope and she was determined to give her daughter the best future she could possibly have when Julie was a toddler. Hanika’S parents who lived in Europe died in a car crash. They left Anika their only daughter with a considerable amount of money wanting to make use of the money wisely.

Anika invested it in her own makeup line, which ended up being a favorite among teenagers and young adults. Now the business is worth millions of dollars because of this Julie had everything she could possibly want in life. She rode horses, took ballet lessons and attended one of the best private schools, in Los Angeles, even though she had all the best things in life. Anika was relieved. Her daughter did not grow up spoiled.

She was a kind young girl who was very loving and caring to everyone. She met one day. This kind has caused a rift between the mother and daughter. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Julie had ballet school and she’d often be picked up by their family driver Julie. Would always arrive home an hour late from class, despite the school being less than 10 minutes away when Anika confronted the driver, he admitted that Julie would come out of the school later than her other classmates and with her clothes soiled concerned, Anika decided to ask Julie What she did after ball Lang, but her daughter, would just shrug it off so wanting to get to the bottom of it.

She decided to pick up Julie herself, the next Monday Anika parked outside the ballet school and saw our daughter’s classmates heading out one by one. Then she noticed Julie sneaking out towards an abandoned building. At the end of the strait. Startled Anika got out of her car to follow her there. She was walking towards a figure leaning towards one of the building walls.

I’M here I have a few sandwiches and juice for you today. I also got you a pair of socks. Julie said which made the man look up and smile when Anika saw the man was about to stand up and go towards Julie. She panicked Julie. What are you doing here?

Get out of there now surprise. Julie dropped the plastic bag. She was holding mom. Why are you here? This is my friend and I’m just giving him some food Julie sang at that moment.

Anika grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the building on the way home, Julie didn’t hear the end of it from her mother. She scolded her about talking to strangers the dangers of sneaking out of school and the dangers of being in abandoned buildings. Mom I’ve been helping that man for two years now he’s never touched me. Let alone hurt me Julian argued. You don’t know.

What’S going to happen tomorrow, you’re, never going to see that man again, you have to promise me Julie. Anika, said angrily. Julie couldn’t help, but some, although Anika knew that her daughter had good intentions, she was afraid that there were people who would take advantage of her kindness months passed and Anika continued to pick Julie up from school to make sure she didn’t wander off again on the Day of Julie’s dance, recital the two of them were on the road. When Julie suddenly screamed mom, stop the car. Stop the car, please Anika stomped the coin before she could ask Julie what was wrong.

She had already dashed out the door. Anika followed suit and she saw Julie, kneeling beside a man lying on the sidewalk covered in snow Mom. That’S my friend he’s unconscious Julie, said: crying Anika took a closer look at the man and gassed Adam. She said wiping the snow out of his face to take a closer look: oh my God, Adam Anika, dial, 9-1-1 and embraced her daughter to comforter. After a couple of minutes, an ambulance arrived and the man was taken to the hospital.

Instead of going to the dancer side, lanika decided to follow the ambulance to the hospital. Thank you. Mom Julie thanked her for giving her the chance to be with her friend when they got to the hospital. The man whom they discovered to be Adam remained in a coma Anika revealed to the doctors that he was actually her boyfriend who skipped town years ago and never came back to them. Well ma’am.

This man is a benign brain tumor, which has been there for the past decade. Did you remember him suffering frequent headaches or even memory loss? The doctor asked suddenly it all made sense to an acre. He used to have the worst headaches, he’d be in pain. So often it made him irritable.

She said it makes sense. Gradually his memory started to deteriorate tomb. It’S likely, he didn’t know his way back home. If we remove this tumor there’s a 60 chance, he can regain his memory. The doctor explained he was lost all this time.

Anika said in tears all along, I thought he had been abandoned me us when she was finally able to compose herself a Niko. Let Julie know who the man actually was sweetie your friend he’s. Actually, your dad. You see he didn’t die in an accident. I thought he had abandoned us when you were still in my tummy.

She told her daughter, two weeks after the surgery Adam regained Consciousness at the time, Anika never left his side Anika. Why am I the one at the hospital where’s, our baby, he asked? Does he tried to process what was happening? The doctors advised Anika to let Adam learn about what happened gradually. He also had to undergo therapy, especially to grasp the idea that his daughter was now a nine-year-old little lady.