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Woman Pushes Into Walmart Line, Conversation Has Mom In Tears

A new mom was waiting for a prize check holding up the checkout line at walmart before she could grasp what was happening an older woman pushed her way in front of her then the lady made a remark that sent the mom to the parking lot in tears katie kanefke lives in sioux falls south dakota in 2014 she and her husband jimmy became the parents of a little boy as a result they were learning how to manage Their family budget which since konefki was a stay-at-home mom consisted of just one income to make their money go further kanefcy was open to pursuing supermarket deals so when a friend told the young mom that her local walmart was willing to price

match on products she decided to take full advantage since kaneki’s infant child was going through a lot of nappies she figured she’d pay a visit to the nearby walmart and purchase four large boxes of pampers which kanafki knew were cheaper at another store however once she reached the checkout the cashier told her they would only price match one of the items no doubt deflated konefki ditched three of the boxes and proceeded to check out with just one however the mom had no idea that her situation was Being monitored by another customer who subsequently decided to intervene the woman in question was carol flynn the 73 year old was visiting walmart to buy supplies for her cat and treat herself to a new blouse but after realizing that kaneki had

been forced to abandon three of her 148 count diaper boxes the retirees sunday evening took an unforeseen turn recalling her interaction with a young mom flynn subsequently told wtrv that she’d said It looks to me like you had four boxes of pampers and you’re only buying one so i said do you have children and she said yes i have a little boy who’s four months and he uses a lot of diapers and i said i think you need the three other boxes then off her own bag flynn decided that she’d pay it forward by purchasing the three extra boxes of diapers on konefki’s behalf the items set the retiree back 120 bucks but as flynn put it in an Interview with the argus leader you can’t take it with you i said paying forward is kind of a neat thing to do and i’m sure

you’ll pay it forward sometime to somebody else and this wasn’t the first time that selfless flynn had lived by the pay it forward philosophy she had committed such random acts of kindness on a much smaller scale before including buying a meal for the people in the car behind her at a drive-through however thanks to another Walmart customer this time her actions went viral i don’t quite understand all the particulars but someone told me that it had gone viral is that the correct word viral jason yashino had been behind both flynn and kanawky in the line for the checkout and when he realized what was happening he decided to film the heartwarming encounter on his phone he later posted the footage on his facebook page where it quickly became an online

sensation Commenting on the incident he’d witnessed yoshino told the argus leader me and my wife were stunned you hear about those things but you don’t see them in real life it definitely touched a chord with me i always try to inspire others and i’m a huge advocate of uplifting and changing the world i’ll never forget it to be honest with you flynn remained completely unaware of her viral flame for around 12 hours until she received a phone call from her local Paper asking her to comment on the incident but while she was happy to talk about what happened flynn later said that she hadn’t bought the diapers to win herself any recognition explaining why she’d stepped in to help kanefc that day flynn said i just think we should do things like that that’s kind

of my thinking she added that her faith in god also had a part to play as well as the fact that she’d started looking at life a little differently now that she’d Retired flynn revealed that she was now much more likely to take notice of people’s struggles than when she was young my life’s not moving as fast as it used to she explained i used to get in line and be impatient if i had to wait when you get older you slow down and take a look at what’s around us but while flynn didn’t think much of her actions to kaneki they meant a great deal not only had the extra nappies given her young Family some financial respite but the stranger’s good deed had also restored konevka’s faith in humanity recalling her reaction to flynn’s act of kindness konefka revealed i couldn’t believe

it i was shocked i kept saying thank you and god bless you then i walked out in the parking lot and started crying it just hit me it was an awesome statement of what god’s love does unsurprisingly kaneka wasn’t the only one to praise flynn for her selflessness After learning of its customers good deed walmart donated 1500 to march of dimes flynn had worked at the non-profit for almost three decades helping the organization in its efforts to increase the well-being of babies and their mothers flynn told the argus leader march of dimes will always be very dear to my heart if you work for an organization like that you just need to be passionate about it or

it’s just a job i became passionate on top of the Donation her former colleagues at march of dimes presented flynn with a gift basket while walmart handed her a gift card with a hundred dollars and it didn’t take long for the retiree to decide what she spent her voucher on i should buy diapers with it she said while flynn clearly had no intention of bringing an end to her giving it seemed that her generous spirit had rubbed off on those around her kenafka in particular was eager to pay her good Deed forward to another deserving candidate at some point in the future after all she knows how much even the smallest of gestures can mean to someone in need.