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Woman’s 17 Months Pregnant Belly Keeps Growing, When Doctors See Scan They Can’t Believe What It Is

This woman, wang xi was pregnant for 17 months. The doctors were baffled because they had never seen anything like that. However, when they carried out an ultrasound scan, they discovered the reason behind their post-term pregnancy and they couldn’t believe their eyes. Wang she and her husband kanjue were over the moon when wang fell pregnant in february 2015..

During this time they had a successful business and they felt that having a child would make them feel more fulfilled and happier you see. It was a norm for the women in wang’s family to start giving birth right after marriage. Sadly, wang had a hard time conceiving and she was treated poorly by her relatives on that account. Fortunately, for the couple wang fell pregnant after three years of trying she and her husband were glad that the gossip and mockery would stop little did they know that they were about to experience something even worse, as the due date approached. Wang kang bought all the baby stuff and in the 39th week they went to the hospital in hopes of having a natural delivery the following week, but instead they would get the shock of their lives.

In the 40th week. The doctors were surprised that wang showed no signs of going into labor. The doctors waited for a few more days, hoping wang’s water would break, but it didn’t, after which the doctors discharged her and told her that they would examine her again soon to discover the reason behind her prolonged pregnancy. It was disheartening that we had to return home with old baby stuff when we got to our house. The neighbors were outdoors and they asked where’s the baby.

Why is your stomach still so huge? I felt embarrassed wang recounted wang and her husband continued visiting the hospital. Every week and the doctor said, the baby was in a good condition, so why couldn’t she give birth? Yet while they would soon learn the reason wang later revealed in an interview that she went to over 30 checkups, that cost her more than ten thousand yuan or one thousand four hundred and eighty dollars in the tenth month of the pregnancy, wang scan results came out And the tests show that she had placenta previa, a condition in which the organ stays at the lower portion of the womb instead of growing and stretching to the top as the pregnancy progresses. The doctors were shocked because they didn’t know such a condition could delay labor for such a long time.

Wang and her husband continued worrying about the health of the baby, but all tests showed the fetus was fine. During this period, wang’s bump also continued growing by the 9th month i stopped experiencing any pregnancy symptoms, i stopped being nauseous and i no longer had morning sickness. However, i had trouble sleeping because of the size of my belly. Wang said, the most disturbing part of this journey for wang was the backlash she faced from her relatives. Some said: if she eventually gave birth to the baby, they would have nothing to do with him by the time the pregnancy reached 14 months.

Wang became depressed. Sometimes she locked herself indoors because she didn’t want to see the prying eyes of friends and strangers. She felt very insecure about being pregnant for such a long time. I was ashamed of being pregnant for so long. I started wearing very large clothes just to conceal my bump.

My family didn’t make it any easier for me, but i got full support from my husband. Wang said that same month wang decided she was done waiting to go into labor, so she told the doctor. She wanted a c-section. Unfortunately, the doctors told her. She couldn’t do that, because her placenta was still in the incorrect position.

During this period. Wang’S story went viral and several news media interviewed her. Some said she could win the guinness record for the longest poster in pregnancy. In history, however, not everyone, including some doctors, believed her claims. You see, medical tests couldn’t prove if the baby was indeed over, a regular 9-month gestation.

So wang was asked to produce documents to back up her claims. She shared an official document issued to her by the government giving her permission to give birth. This is a standard procedure in china. According to the document, wang was due to give birth in november 2015 nine months after she fell pregnant in february 2014.

When the pregnancy reached 17 months, wang and her husband went to the hospital again to book a c-section, but the doctor said the placenta was still immature, i’m tired of waiting and i’m going to have the baby next month, regardless of what the doctors say.

I believe everything will turn out well. Wang said in an interview that year, wang did exactly as she said in the 18th month, she went in for a c-section and gave birth to a healthy baby boy who weighed 3.8 kilograms. The boy now 7 is a healthy and happy child. Everyone has since forgotten that he stays 17 months in her mother’s belly.

Beulah hunter’s pregnancy also lasted more than nine months. This happened in 1945, but her case went down in history. Beulah hunter noticed that she was pregnant two months after the start of her pregnancy. According to her, she had no pregnancy symptoms until the second month. She and her husband were excited, and in the third month of the pregnancy they picked a name for the child.

They couldn’t wait to meet their son or daughter. Little did they know it was going to be a long and scary weight. Beulah and her husband went to the hospital frequently for checkups during the periodical checkups. The doctors told them that everything was fine and the baby was developing at a normal rate. However, the medical team couldn’t detect a heartbeat, but they assured the couple that they would get the baby’s heartbeats.

Sooner or later. I was nervous because my elder sister suffered three miscarriages, so somehow i felt something similar was going to happen to me too. Whenever we went to the hospital and the doctor said, the baby was in good condition. I celebrated the news in my own little way. Beulah said in an interview, sadly, beulah’s fears came to pass in the fourth month of the pregnancy.

Beulah noticed that she stopped having pregnancy symptoms the frequent urination morning, sickness and nausea suddenly stopped was this. Normal was something wrong with our baby beulah feared she was so confused, so she and her husband rushed to the hospital where they learned more shocking news at the hospital the doctor asked beulah about the last time she felt the baby move immediately after the doctor said This beulah froze she started sweating right away. She couldn’t recall ever feeling any movement in her stomach. The doctor described the movement and told her. It could be a dull kick in her belly or near her pubic bone, but beulah insisted that she had never felt anything to make the matters worse.

The doctors carried out a scan and they still couldn’t detect the baby’s heartbeat. It was a very challenging period, but my doctor was very supportive. He assured me that everything would be fine, so we kept hope alive. Bella said during the sixth month things returned to normal and beulah started experiencing pregnancy, sensations. Something beautiful also happened in the sixth month.

Beulah felt her baby move for the first time, however, the doctors still didn’t get any heartbeat, but they were sure everything would go. Fine. The doctors finally found the heartbeat when the baby was at eight months of pregnancy, on the due date. Beulah and her husband went to the hospital, but much to everyone’s surprise. Beulah didn’t go into labor beulah waited about two weeks in the hospital before she finally returned home.

The doctors were confused too, because everything was normal. My placenta was in the right position in the 11th month. Beulah’S post-term pregnancy story went viral at least as much as it could in 1945, and it garnered intense criticism. Some people assumed that beulah had lost her first pregnancy and that she had quickly become pregnant again without realizing it was a new baby. However, beulis doctors produced a test performed in a laboratory dated march 24, which proved that the woman’s menstruation cycle stopped on february 10.

Beulah’S doctors continued assuring her that everything would turn out. Well, fortunately, it did on february 21, a year and 10 days after bueller conceived, she finally went into labor the baby. A beautiful girl later named penny diana weighed 3
14 kilograms, despite staying longer in her mom’s belly, the girl was healthy and looked like a full-term. Baby penny grew up as a healthy child, with no complications related to the 12 months, pregnancy. To date, medics are still trying to figure out what made this pregnancy.

Last more than 9 months: well, it doesn’t matter if it’s 9 months or 17 months, every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique and should be celebrated. What do you think about this story?